Soul of a City An art project by Natascha Küderli

Soul of a City An art project by Natascha Küderli

Soul of a City An art project by Natascha Küderli


Natascha Küderli is looking for three representatives for each of eight fields of society.

Natascha Küderli will select residents dwelling in the city today, that she can lend an ear. Protagonists with diverse social backgrounds will be taped, as they are giving live interviews offering their take on the city.

Three representatives from the areas of education and development, art and culture, media technology, sports and leisure, social studies and health, economy and finances, government and state, faith and spirituality will answer questions posed to them.

All conversational partners will receive the same questions. Thematically they will address the city as a personality with soul, that will be debating with the protagonists in question. The questionnaire will evoke a dialogue between city and residents. They both get to listen to and reflect each other.

In a further step, the protagonists in unison with the artist. will make their way to discover, how Munich is doing, where the town sees its strengths and weaknesses. How Munich can support itself and how on the other hand the city can open up to receiving help, to evolve in a positive direction.

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What does Munich feel for you?

Where is your favorite place in Munich?

Where is Munich passionate?

Which places in Munich have their beauty, are dynamic or peaceful, that are not often shown?

What hurt Munich?

Where do you feel uncomfortable?

What events, in the past, are regrettable, were destructive, or harmful?

What kind of events, are pleasing, constructive, invigorating?

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Thanks to my team and the representative protagonists

Angelika Schindel, Mirjam Medema, Dr.Ayça Beygo, Jürgen Klammt, Oliver Tataru, Dr. Martina Taubenberger, Michael Winkler, Claudia Neeser